2019 November levy request is divided into 3 sections:

Section 1) 37 year construction bond, land purchase and improving sites. Cost 6.42 Mil

Section 2) Permanent funding for construction and improvements. Cost 3.41 Mil

Section 3) Permanent funding for operating expenses. Cost 6.95 Mil

Total Levy request 16.78 Mil

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Loveland Growth Rates:

Growth? Loveland District total enrolment decreased from 4,566 to 4,462 in the past 10 years even as the community residence numbers increased.

$100,000 deposit put on Grailville property:

The Loveland School District has already paid a $100,000.00 deposit on the Grailville property.

Option to Buy Contract - Grail and LCS.pdf

Additional funds needed in 3 years:

Permanent fund for operating expenses, according to the Loveland City Schools this money is expected to last only 3 years before they will need to ask for additional funding.

    • "Based on best projections at this time, the operating request of this levy is expected to last at least three years." Loveland School District Building Tiger Nation Flyer (Aug 2019)

Where is the money going?

$10 MILLION of the money goes to new turf athletic fields.

$22.5 MILLION of the money goes to a Fine Arts Center with a 1,000 seat auditorium.

And do you know how many new teachers your $165 MILLlON in taxes gets you a year? TWO!

Below is a chart of where the money is being spent per building.

  • 47.6% of the money is allotted to LHS & LMS, the 2 newest buildings in the district.
  • LMS $25 million of upgrades includes, skylight for center section of building, new administration area, new concession building and stands for athletic fields.

Use this chart to see how the levy will affect your homeowners taxes.