What can I do & How can I help?


Are you registered to vote? You can register, or make changes to your voter registration here. Registration deadline is October 7 for the November 5 election. Once a registered voter, you can order an absentee ballot online.


Talk to your neighbors and members of the community. This tax levy will affect EVERYONE in the Loveland City School District. Although Homeowners will pay the bills, Renters will also incur the expense when their rent is increased to absorb the additional taxes.


For a donation, you can show your support AGAINST the levy. Email: lovelandagainstschoollevy@gmail.com to have a sign delivered to your home.


What questions do you have? We will do our best to get you answers.

Send your questions to: lovelandagainstschoollevy@gmail.com


In order to help us spread the information and facts regarding this levy, we need private donations to pay for yard signs, brochures and informational flyers. You can mail a check payable to "Loveland Against School Levy" to the address below or click on the PayPal button to make a donation there.

We thank you for your help in supporting this cause and look forward to seeing you at the polls on November 5th.

Mailing Address:

Loveland Against School Levy, 1020 Oakland Dr, Loveland OH 45140